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Yom Kippur Meditation and Break-fast

Michael Shiffman, Ph.D.

September 22, 2007
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday, September 22, is Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement. While many of us don't subscribe to the notion of "atoning for our sins," for many of us raised in the Jewish faith, this day usually still holds special meanings that lead us on a journey of reflection.

Karma holds special meaning on Yom Kippur. Karma offers us a container for reflection and introspection. Dependent Origination provides us with the means to understand the creation of Karma.

Join us for a day of dharma talks, meditation, and inspirational readings. We will sit for 30-45 minute periods interspersed with dharma talks, walking meditation inspirational readings, and discussions.

If you are so inclined, bring some poetry or other appropriate inspirational reading.

We will share a pot-luck break-fast starting at 6:00 PM.

Open to all who want a day of teachings, practice, and reflection.

Michael Shiffman, received his Ph.D from UCLA in 1994 writing his dissertation on "Family traumatization : dissociation, alexithymia, and post-traumatic effects in adult children of alcoholics". He has also published articles in the areas of social movements and labor union history.

Later that year he trained and certified in bodywork at the Esalen Institute and maintained a bodywork practice for several years until he returned to UCLA to manage several health care policy research projects.

Michael has been teaching mindfulness practices since 2002. He founded LA Dharma in 1999 and co-founded the Insight Center in 2006 where he teaches traditional meditation classes, somatic psychotherapy workshops and has a clinical practice.

Michael has over 20 years experience working with family-based trauma, substance abuse and recovery, domestic violence, and anxiety related issues. In 1985 he co-found a domestic violence treatment program for men who batter.

His clinical practice works with addiction and recovery, abuse and neglect, sexual identity and sexual orientation issues, developmental and event related trauma, depression, and anxiety and panic. He integrates the use of NARM, Somatic Experiencing and SE touch into his clinical practice. He has a somatic therapy practice at the Insight Center in West Los Angeles and in his home office in Encino.

Yom Kippur Meditation and Break-fast
When September 22, 2007,  10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
General Info

We will share a pot-luck break-fast starting at 7:45 PM. Please bring a vegetarian dish to share. Lox, bagels and cream cheese will be provided.

You do not need to attend the day of meditation to join us in breaking the fast at 6:30 PM. Several people will be arriving after their temple services are completed.

Registration Please use the online registration process for this event.

If you have any difficulties or concerns contact Michael at 310-479-7996.

Cost The cost is $100 for this event. This year we are offering the following options:
Kol Nidre only -- $40
Yom Kippur Day -- $70
Both Eve & Day -- $100

Payment may be made by credit card on the Insight Center website or by arrangement with the Center.

Half of the cost may be deducted as a tax-deductible contribution.

We are implementing a charge this year to cover our costs and because of the increasingly common practice of people reserving space but not attending.

Because the Center is designed as an intimate venue for intensive work and supports a maximum of 35 people, it is problematic to have people reserve space and not attend because it ultimately deprives others of opportunities to participate.

Donations / Dana Dana is the Pali word for generosity. The practice of dana is often quite foreign to students in the U.S. and is often misunderstood to mean free or at a discount. Cultures that support ordained sangha understand that the practice of giving dana is both a training of one's heart to be open and generous, as well as the means through which teachers receive support for their material needs.

Additional contributions are deeply appreciated.

At the Event This special day will follow a traditional structure with a flowing weave of prayer, chanting, song, movement, teachings from classical Kabbalah, and periods of silent meditation.

It is customary to wear white on Yom Kippur, and to leave all animal products at home (e.g.,leather goods). This brings purity, innocence and renewal to consciousness and represents the transformation of our misdeeds. May they become white as snow.

We encourage everyone to wear white to create a visually beautiful and energetically healing space.

What to Bring Chairs and meditation cushions are available.

If you have a tallis or shofar please bring it with you. If you have more than one consider bringing them to share.

We suggest wearing modest, comfortable clothing. We leave our shoes at the door, so bring socks if your feet tend to get cold. Please do not wear any scented perfumes and turn-off pagers, cell phones and digital watch alarms.

Directions Location:
This event will be located at The Insight Center in West Los Angeles, near Sepulveda and Santa Monica Blvds.
For exact location and directions go to: